Fujitsu DL7600Pro Serial Dot Matrix Printer, RS-232CB, Centronics (KA02087-B610)

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Fujitsu DL7600Pro High Spec Dot Matrix Printer, RS-232CB, Centronics (KA02087-B610)

24-Pin Dot Matrix Printer

The heavy duty DL7600Pro, Fujitsu’s flagship serial dot matrix printer, can print up to 9 part paper in high impact mode. Its long-life ribbon cartridge is rated for 18 million characters, making it ideal for print intensive environments.

  • Reliable high-speed printing - Up to 800 cps
  • Flat print structure with a variety of paper paths
  • 24-pin printhead for high-quality output
  • High 1+8 multi-copy capability
  • Auto-forms thickness adjust

Compatible Ribbons

Fujitsu Serial Dot Matrix Ribbon Cartridge (DL7600Pro), BLACK, Keying Ribbon, KA02087-D811