Printronix 107675-001 Extended Life Spool Ribbon, 27M CHAR, 6-Pack (P5000 Text & OCR P5000)

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P5000 Extended Life Text Ribbons

Best for report printing or text printing applications:

  • Optimized for the Printronix print mechanism
  • Easy mount ribbon spools

The Printronix 107675-001 Extended Life Spool Ribbon has been designed to give you the best results from your printer, at a lower operating cost per page. Available in a 6-pack for greatest cost saving. The 107675-001 Extended Life Spool Ribbon fits all Printronix P5000 Spool printers, with report printing or text applications.

This extended life ribbon spool will print 30 million characters before you need to replace it.

Compatible with the following printers:

  • Printronix P4280
  • Printronix P5005
  • Printronix P5005ZT
  • Printronix P5205
  • Printronix P5010
  • Printronix P5010ZT
  • Printronix P5210
  • Printronix P5015
  • Printronix P5215
  • Printronix P5220
  • Printronix P5224
  • IBM 6400
  • Lexmark 6408

The P5000 family offered 10 models all designed to meet the needs of offices, industrial companies and distributions centres requiring unsurpassed impact printing. The P5000 familiy represented an unsurpassed impact printing solutions.